Boost your business

Businesses work best when they are able to maintain focus on their core services and strengths.

By simplifying your application process, prospective customers are more likely to become new clients. And thanks to the simplicity of our online application forms, you will find that a higher percentage of customers complete the application process

Cut costs

LABform will save your business money. Switching to an online application process with electronic verification drastically reduces time wasted in chasing identification documents and other paperwork allowing your staff to work more efficiently with readily available data. This minimises administration costs, which will improve your company’s bottom line.

Know your customer

Using LABform is the simplest way to efficiently satisfy Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations. We work closely with you during the setup process to ensure that all your requirements are covered. We are able to implement specialised sections such as settlement options, risk profiling, client suitability screening, bank account details and more