LABform streamlines all aspects of customer acquisition, from expression of interest to account opening through a simple three-step process.

  • Acquisition

  • After visiting your website, customers apply for products or services via your branded version of LABform. Your staff can also use our Application Manager portal to start and process applications on a customer’s behalf.
    Our user friendly, multi-lingual forms support all application types including complex applications for self-managed super funds and provide an innovative digital signature process to further streamline the acquisition process.

  • Verification

  • Once the online application form is completed, an electronic identity verification is performed on all entities. This verifies individuals, sole traders, companies and self-managed super funds. The identity verification check is automatic, completes within seconds and if successful eliminates the need for certified identification documents.

  • Management

  • Not only does LABform assist with acquiring new business and performing identity verification, it can also help you manage your clients and administer applications. Additionally, you will be able to follow up leads, manage work flows and monitor the progress of applications from beginning to end.