Our Privacy Policy

Some Background

We are LAB Group Services Pty Ltd and we own and operate this website. Your privacy is important to us; so is the privacy of your customers – a little more on that below.

We know that how we collect, use, exchange and protect information is important to the person who the information belongs to and also to our clients who know that person as a customer. We value your and their trust. In fact, our business is all about trust in and integrity of data.

This privacy policy you are reading covers your use of this website. When our clients are using our products to help with their business a different privacy policy is used (and is provided by us). The concepts of care in collection, use, exchange and protection of peoples information remain the same, it is just that when clients use our products in their business the use of peoples data is much broader than when people are here, on our website, just looking around and learning about us.

Committed to protecting your rights

We are guided by the Australian Privacy Principles. This policy helps you understand why and how we collect and use personal information on this website, and what to do if you have questions, concerns or complaints.

We will occasionally make updates to this policy, so we will note the date of the last change at the top of the page. You are in control of the personal information you have with us. You can choose what to provide to us (including being anonymous or using a pseudonym), and you can change or access these details at any time.

What information do we collect on this website?

We will ask for information that helps us engage with you. It is your choice how much information you provide (however we might not be able to fulfil a request if you don’t provide information).

Below are some examples of what information we commonly collect:

  • names, addresses, date of birth
  • phone numbers, emails and other contact details
  • your online activity and computer IP addresses
  • your profession, occupation or job title
  • your communication preferences
  • conversations by phone or email with our staff

In most cases, we’ll ask you for this information directly, however some information is collected automatically (like online activity and computer IP addresses of visitors to our website).

Where do we store your information?

We keep your personal information stored in our locally (Australian) hosted database.

How do we use this information?

The main reason we collect personal information from you is to enable us to perform our business activities, functions and services which includes promoting our products to you and helping you with your queries.

We will use the information we collect on this site:

  • to provide products and services to you
  • to provide you with information about our existing and new products and services (including for direct marketing purposes)
  • to communicate with you including by email, mail or telephone
  • to manage and enhance our products and services
  • to personalise and customise your experience with our products and services
  • to verify your identity
  • to provide as part of business data to third parties if you have authorised us to do so
  • to investigate any complaints about, or made by, you
  • to investigate any suspected breach of any of our terms and conditions or unlawful activity engaged in by you
  • as required or permitted by any law

Cookies and Statistical Analysis

This site uses cookies. Certain information about your visit to this site may be recorded for statistical purposes. Such information enables us to improve our products and services.

The information that may be recorded includes information regarding your:

  • server address
  • domain name
  • date and time of visit
  • previous websites visited
  • browser type

  • We may from time to time use analytics software to track visits to our website, and use this information to track the effectiveness of our website, like visits, length of visit, viewed pages and the technical capabilities of our visitors. While this data is mostly anonymous, sometimes we will connect it to you.

    Access to and Correction of your Personal Information

    If you wish to verify or correct any of the details you have submitted to us, you may do so by contacting us via enquiries@labgroup.com.au.
    You have the right to access the information which we hold about you and for corrections to be made to this information.

    Our security procedures mean that we may request proof of identity before we reveal personal information. If you’ve made a complaint, a member of our team will acknowledge that your complaint has been received, provide you with their contact details and give you an estimate of when they can update you on the status of your complaint.


    This site may contain links to other websites operated by third parties. We make no representations or warranties in relation to the privacy practices of any third party website. Third party websites are responsible for informing you about their own privacy practices and policies.

    Last Updated: January 2020