Pricing FAQ

  • What is LAB Group's licensing model for LABform? Who owns the software?

  • The LABform licensing model is subscription based Software as a Service (SaaS). LAB Group owns the LABform software. Our clients have the right to use the software while they have an active subscription.

  • What's not included in the LABform Monthly License Subscription?

  • Initial setup costs, training and consultancy are not included in the LABform Monthly License Subscription. Please contact us to discuss your project requirements and receive a LABform proposal - Pricing FAQ.

  • How does the monthly usage fee work?

  • In addition to the LABform base license subscription the usage fee is added. This is calculated based on the number of completed (submitted) applications per month. Note that an application is not considered completed until all the information required is provided and it has been electronically authorised and executed.

    This model helps us to align your customer conversion to the efficiency and success of LABform for mutual benefit. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • How do the Electronic Identity Verifications (EIDVs) work?

  • EIDVs are run on completion (submission) of a LABform application. At that point, LABform knows everything about that application that it needs to search on and verify. The electronic verifications are transaction priced based and charged in addition to the usage fees (e.g. an Australian Company with two Australian resident Directors would undergo an EIDV on the Company and two EIDVs on the two Directors).

  • What is LAB Group's model of intellectual property ownership?

  • The client will maintain the right of ownership of all data captured or held by LABform in relation to any activity undertaken by LABform (client data). LAB Group will retain right of ownership of LABform including any technical design, solution, executable or program developed (LABform technology) - FAQ.

  • What is the minimum term of service?

  • The minimum term of service is a minimum of 90 days.