LAB Group’s Evolving Technology, Regulatory and Compliance Radar Program

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The team at LAB continues to evolve its Technology, Regulatory and Compliance Radar program to drive key technological development 5th February 2019 –  The findings of the Hayne Royal Commission report…


LAB Group attains Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification

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15th February 2018 – Information security has always been central to LAB Group’s mission to standardise customer engagement with financial services. Now, as part of our continued commitment to the…


ICOs, Crypto Currencies and Crypto Exchanges were the main themes at this year’s iFX EXPO Asia in Hong Kong. We share our key takeaways about this global phenomenon.

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27th January 2018 – Although this was a Foreign Exchange conference, there were two central themes discussed – blockchain technology and, you guessed it, cryptocurrencies. The conference gave the industry a…


In the rapidly advancing world of technology for the financial services industry, what are the primary considerations for digital customer acquisition?

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11th September 2017 – LAB Group presents on financial services customer on-boarding to the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and members of the Association of Thai Securities Companies (ASCO). Photo:…


LAB Group showcases LABform at the Australian Business Banking Summit 2017

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17th August 2017 – Nick Boudrie, CEO of LAB Group demonstrates how business banks using LABform have saved more than 80% of their costs on new account on-boarding LAB Group was…


LAB Group facilitates Kidman Estate Book Build

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18th January 2016 – LAB Group deploys Domacom investor acquisition component to facilitate Kidman Estate Book Build Fractional Property Investing Company Domacom has utilised LABform to rapidly deploy custom on-boarding processes to…


LAB Group announces connected on-boarding

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24th November 2015 – LAB Group connects customer acquisition between organisations to achieve new level of frictionless on-boarding for robo-advice. LABform’s growing Financial Services and Fintech user base now allows movement…


The new LABform website is here!

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14th April 2015 – LAB Group is excited to have launched the new LABform website. We’ll be using our News area to communicate new product features as we continually improve…


iFX EXPO 2015

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19th March 2015 – LAB Group attended the iFX EXPO in Hong Kong in January – some very interesting industry insights particularly this panel where the discussion was about the differences in…